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Versatile™ Rich Cream Base

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    Versatile™ Rich Cream Base is a highly elegant, enriched O/W cream with a unique formulation. This vehicle contains extra natural lipids, to give Versatile™ Rich Cream Base its unique skin-moisturizing and protective properties. Versatile™ Rich Cream Base offers versatility for compounding challenges as it retains its consistency with a broad variety of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), dermaceutical ingredients (DCIs) and solvents. Versatile™ Rich Cream Base is ideal for both prescription compounding and basic skin care and is often used in patients with vulnerable, sensitive and (very) dehydrated skin types.

    Versatile™ Rich Cream Base design is based on the latest insights about tolerance of ingredients used in dermatology.

    Benefits of Versatile™ Rich Cream Base

    • Enriched hydrophilic vanishing cream
    • Sophisticated, protective formula with extra natural lipids
    • Soft skin feel with minimal greasiness
    • Excellent moisturizing and protective properties to restore and protect skin balance and hydration
    • Rapidly vanishes into the skin

    TDS - Versatile Rich.pdf

    Versatile Rich Product Sheet.pdf

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805605 500 G Versatile™ Rich Cream Base
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