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Nourisil™ Anhydrous Silicone Base

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    Nourisil™ silicone base is an anhydrous silicone base with vitamin E. This occlusive yet skin-friendly base has an elegant skin feel. It contains a unique blend of silicones that promotes hydration which supposts normal-healing properties. Nourisil™ silicone base is specifically formulated for application on scar tissue, and can also be used to prevent unaesthetic scars. It offers unique versatility for compounding challenges and retains its consistency with a broad range of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), dermaceutical ingredients (DCIs), oils and solvents. Designed according to the latest insights into topical vehicle safety and tolerance, Nourisil™ silicone base is formulated without harmful, obsolete and controversial ingredients.

    Benefits of Nourisil™ Anhydrous Silicone Base

    • Innovative, anhydrous silicone base containing a blend of silicones and vitamin E
    • Ultra-light gel structure
    • Non-greasy, silky skin feel
    • Skin protectant
    • Preservative-free
    • Often used for affected skin, such as scar tissue
    • Compatible with a broad range of APIs, DCIs, solvents and oils
    • Simple three-step compounding process

    TDS - Nourisil.pdf

    Nourisil Product Sheet.pdf

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Item no.  UoM Icon Description                   Doc.
805696 500 G Nourisil™ Anhydrous Silicone Base
805697 2.5 KG Nourisil™ Anhydrous Silicone Base
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